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        Based on the reference room of Petroleum Engineering Department of Tsinghua University,the library of UPC was established in 1953, which then served as the Library of Beijing Petroleum Institute . After moving to Dongying, East China petroleum Institute conducted twice construction of its library in 1980 and 1997. The current library was built in Qingdao campus in 2004, covering an area of 29,000 square meters and holding over 2.44 million volumes of books and documents.

       The Qingdao Campus library now in commission includes three stacks and five reading rooms. It is well equipped with 3,600 seats and rooms for reading, study and research. Besides, the library provides readers with a series of services, such as collections borrowing, resources enquiring, S&T novelty searching, interlibrary loan & literature delivery, users’ training and E-reading. It has become one of the most important public service systems for learning and teaching.

Floor Index


Hall,  Literature  Stack,  Department  of  Literature  Acquisition  &  Cataloguing 


Social Sciences stack, Department  of  Circulation,  Department  of  Computer  Service


Science  &Technology  Stack,  Literary  Periodicals  and  Newspapers  Reading  Room,  Research & Reading  Section  11


Reserved  Copies Room,  Academic  Periodicals  Reading Room, Periodical Stack for Back Issues, Department of Documentation Reference


Reference  Books  Room,  E-Resources  Room,  Department  of  Digital  Resources


University  Archives 


Research & Reading Sections 1-4,  Department  of  Information  Research,   S&T Novelty searching  Centre


Research & Reading Sections  5-8


Research & Reading Sections  9-10,  Periodical  Press  of UPC


Administrative Area

Opening Hours

1. Main Entrance, Reading Sections1-11  

   6:30-22:30 (Monday to Sunday)

2. General Circulation Counter

  8:00-12:00   14:00-17:30 (Monday to Sunday)

3. Information Desk

   8:00-12:00   14:00-17:30 (Monday to Friday)

4. Literature, Social Sciences and Science &Technology Stacks 

  8:00-12:00  14:00-17:30  19:00-22:00 (Monday to Sunday, except Saturday Night)

5. Reserved Copies Room, Academic Periodical Room

  8:00-12:00   14:00-17:30    19:00-22:00 (Monday to Sunday)

6. Reference Books Reading Room, Literary Periodicals and Newspapers Reading Room, E-Resources Reading Room

  8:00-12:00   14:00-22:00 (Monday to Sunday)

7. Holidays and Vacations: Please refer to temporary notices.

  Notice: On the last Friday afternoon of each month, only reading sections and study sections are available.

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