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        In recent years, UPC has established official partnership with nearly 120 universities or institutions from more than 20 countries and areas of America, Canada, Australia, Russia, France, Britain, South Korea and the Middle East. With commitment to teaching, research and social service, the university has conducted effective cooperation and exchanges with partners through different forms, such as students and faculty exchange, academic cooperation and joint collaboration education.

        UPC has launched intercollegiate programs for students exchange and sent annually more than 800 students abroad for study. The university is among the list of the scholarship program launched by China Scholarship Council (CSC) for supporting postgraduates and outstanding undergraduates. In the past few years, over 400 CSC-sponsored postgraduates have been sent to over 10 countries for pursuing PhD degrees or receiving a combined PhD training.

        Additionally, every year, UPC designate over 200 leading professors, young teachers and administrative staff abroad for research, further study and training. Over 30 delegations of 500 people are sent abroad to conduct exchange, visit, give lectures or attend international conferences. Besides, every year, the university hosts over 10 international academic conferences to draw overseas distinguished experts and scholars to give lectures or classes for students.

        In the future, UPC will strive to build itself into “a nationally renowned, research-oriented university with its petroleum disciplines reaching the world’s first-class level”. It will keep on exploring new patterns of international cooperation and drawing on the experience of outbound universities in teaching, research and management.






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