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President HAO Fang Attended AAPG ACE 2018 and Visited American Universities

The delegation of UPC attended AAPG convention and set the UPC exhibition.

Communication between UPC delegation and Denise Cox (President-Elect of AAPG). 

Communication between President HAO Fang and Prof Kyle Harpe (first vice president of University of Oklahoma)。

President HAO Fang communicated with Chinese oversea students studying at UT Austin.

    From May 19 to 25, UPC delegation, leading by President HAO Fang, attended the Annual Convention & Exhibition 2018 organized hosted by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in Salt Lake City, USA. President HAO Fang also visited University of Utah, University of Oklahoma, and University of Texas at Austin. A number of agreements, in terms of students co-education, academic communication, scientific cooperation and lab co-construction, were reached after effective discussions between UPC delegation and the US universities.

       22 satffs and students working in the field of petroleum geology from UPC, attended the AAPG ACE2018, covering themes of Structural Geology, Sedimentology and Unconventional Oil/Gas Exploration. The UPC attendees presented the latest progresses on scientific research of petroleum geology and exploration in recent years. President HAO Fang communicated with Denise Cox (President-Elect of AAPG), David Cook (Vice President of AAPG), Gretchen Gillis (Ex-Editor-in-Chief of AAPG Bulletin) and Susan Nash (Director of Innovation and Emerging Science / Technology of AAPG). The agreement of co-constructing AAPG-UPC Research Center was signed by representatives of AAPG and UPC. The following work would be carried forward based upon the center: the possiblity of holding joint conference and academic seminars will be discussed; supporting for launching seminars and short-term programs on petroleum geology; deepen the exchange and collaboration of academic communities of the two; supporting the scientific work and publishing on petroleum and engineering; exploring more  fields for cooperation. 

      In University of Utah, the UPC delegation communicated with scholars from Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Petroleum Engineering and Energy and Geoscience institute(EGI), focusing on the topics of scientific research and student education in the fields of geothermal resources and unconventional oil/gas. The UPC delegation also presented research advantages, platform construction and recruitment policies of UPC to Chinese oversea students studying at University of Utah. In University of Oklahoma, President HAO Fang communicated with Prof Kyle Harper, the first Vice President, and scholars from Department of Petroleum Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering, discussing the potential cooperation in terms of scientific research and international joint-laboratory.

     UPC signed an agreement on co-constructing international joint-lab with UT Austin in 2017. the two partners exchanged ideas on the following work to be done, including platform sharing, student exchange and lab management. President HAO Fang communicated with Prof Sharon Wood (Dean of School of Engineering), Prof Sharon Mosher (Dean of School of Geosciences) and Prof Scott Tinker (Director of Bureau of Economic Geology), aiming at furthering the lab-construction between UPC and UT Austin. President HAO Fang also invited BEG delegation to visit UPC in July, to discuss the detailed schedules of joint-lab construction.

Source: UPC News Center

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